You Can Rely On Us

At Dyna Comp, Inc. we believe each of our customers is unique. Having successfully supplied the engraving industry for over three decades, we know you come to Dyna Comp for excellent service, reliability and shared awareness of new trends and product in our very progressive industry.

Knowledge and Customer Service You Can Count On

Dyna Comp reaches out for that new technology almost before it's born. When new products and new equipment are introduced, we're there and we pass them on to you! We are excited to offer you state of the art computerized rotary and laser engraving. What ever your engraving equipment needs are you'll find the solution at Dyna Comp.

We're not just selling you engravers, our business is solutions. We're taking you with us right into the future. As our business grows - so does yours. Because we are partners in a progressive industry, as you grow - so do we. We know this, and have built our business around it.